Inventing Toys!

Im currently planning my last major project at university, which will be displayed at the degree show and later at New Designers in London. So far my plan involves a simple children's book that emphases the importance of certain aspects of friendship that people sometimes overlook, (such as the friend you like to be quiet with, or listen to music with). Im also keen to create some simple fabric soft toys of the characters in the book to accompany it, so here is me creating the first "sketch" of one of these toys.

I took this sketch I made to base the toy off, as it is nice and simple.

Next I drew it on to some fabric with fabric pens (this is an early sketch, please don't judge). The Front and back of the image have to be the same shape and size because you need to sow them together. 

I brought my mum around with her sowing machine (and so she could actually teach me to sow as well!) Shes a pro at this sort of thing! Here she is explaining what a sowing machine is to me.

I started of badly until I learnt to aim a small line on the needle in the direction I want to sow, after this revelation I wasn't so bad, and managed to make this...

Once I had sowed the two pieces of fabric together, after stuffing with wool, we had this scrappy little dude!

Im planning to have my designs printed onto the fabric in a more professional manner and also create little hats and cars and things for them to hang out with, and do my best to sow them like a normal human being.