Artists Guilt

I'm starting to realise that part of the creative process is stopping to have a cup of tea, read a book, or go for a walk, as trying to create picture after picture hour after hour can soon take its toll. However this causes me some guilt, because what I do all day is sit around making pictures so I really shouldn't need to take a break! I used to work jobs that physically strenuous, such as working on farms or in kitchens, and while those where still far tougher than painting all day, having to be continuously creative can really ware you out. After a couple of hours being artistic I need a break, just as I would working a normal job, but whereas I would happily stop and feel like I deserve a cup of tea when I was picking up manure, now I feel guilty; I don't need a break, I've just been messing about with bits of paper! If I continue working and my pictures get worse and I get more and more frustrated, but with a short break my creative energies can renew.

I think its important that I have the self confidence and understanding to realise that being an artist can sometimes be mentally tiring, so I'm off to have a biscuit.