Playing with photographs and collage

This started as a distraction from writing my dissertation, while doing my research I found a graphic designer called Reid Miles, he was the man behind all those brilliant Blue Note jazz album covers.

 A wonderfully vibrant piece by Reid Miles.

A wonderfully vibrant piece by Reid Miles.

The way he cropped and adjusted photographs to fit his wayward but stylish compositions was inspired, and proved hugely influential on generations of modernist designers. I found the idea of incorporating photography with collage and pattern very exciting and wanted to try it my self. It also proved to be great fun to do!

Not wanting to infringe on any copyrights I thought it would be best to use my own photographs, I knew I would have to pick one with large amount of bright or light space so that the over layering of colours would show through. Turning the photo into black and white would also enhance the colours. I then cropped the photograph into a shape I felt I could work with and stuck my usual collage nonsense over it, then added a thick black diagonal line with an M to weight the composition in a more grounded manner.

I wanted to update my picture in my about section and thought this technique would be an interesting way to go about it, this time I left the photo in colour as it was faded anyway and contained enough brightness.

This is very fun and new way of working for me, and something that I think has some interesting opportunities.