I went to the best country in the world, Sweden!

I go most years because I have family over there (my grandmother and her sister moved to Sweden from Kashgar in northern China, they were put in baskets on the sides of donkeys to go over the Himalayas!)

I love it Sweden, it feels like home. everything's made of wood because they have lots of trees. in Britain everything is brick because we have lots of bricks.

My favourite Swedish artists are the Goteborg Colourists (Inge Scheoler, Ivan Iversson) but Sigrid Hjertens paintings are the most underrated of all. There is also an illustrator called Stig Lindberg who is so good! I really don't understand why he isn't a bigger deal in the illustration world!

 A Totally epic illustration by Stig Lindberg!

A Totally epic illustration by Stig Lindberg!

The Sweden I grew up with was far from cool minimalism, it was all trolls and Tomten (a little bearded fellow who help you out if you feed him porridge). They were always magically illustrated by John Bauer. 

I made this picture one day in Sweden,