I had an amazing trip to the big smoke with my university, the aim of the trip was to see more of the illustration "industry" (which makes me think of a big factory full of machines that make scarves and coffee.) A visit to the Nobrow Press studios was planned so we headed off into Hackney.

 it was totes amazeballs.

it was totes amazeballs.

We made total mess everywhere looking at all their books and then we timidly gave them some of our zines. As we where shown around we could spy the Nobrow team beavering away in total concentration, I tried to see what was on their computer screens...fantastic pictures of course! It was important to see where these guys worked, which part of town, what their studio looked like, how they acted.

A regular haunt for us now is The House Of Illustration to which we always gravitate (and get our free coffees at the Waitrose next door), but this time was special because there was an exhibition of ceramics by the illustrator Laura Carlin on. When I first started studying illustration on my foundation course, she was the first illustrator who I found (or my tutor recommended to me) that made think me think "illustration isn't just on par with all over art forms...its BETTER!" Her illustrations quietly and confidently break all the rules, but I a way that you don't always notice because its done so well. It was easy forget that you where looking at ceramics, because the ideas and narratives where so strong. 

After snooping about Liberty of London, looking at patterns and top design, we paid a visit to the Folio Agency, above a Chinese restaurant down an alley in Holborn. There top illustration agent and motor mouth Alex gave advice on everything from copyright law to where to live, (my ability to not be able talk properly trip me up when I asked "Is it good to live in a pacific (specific) place" and he answered "yeah would love to live in the Pacific!").

I got the nerve to show him my portfolio and got some great advice, I really to do things that have a purpose to other people, rather than just pictures for the sake of being a picture.

What I look back on most fondly though is spending time my illustration buddies, Im going to really miss university. Here are some of them clogging up London streets.