Learning to draw

I was recently commissioned to illustrate a "spot the odd one out" activity for a farm themed Dot Magazine, which as always, was awesome working with the Anorak guys. I was purposely illustrating the farm animals in a child like way, but after drawing lots of sheep that looked like dogs walking behind clouds, I realized I needed to do actually know what sheep looked like. So I sat there and looked at pictures of sheep and goats on google images, wondering if other illustrators have to do this. I realised that animals have a few small features that distinguish them from other animals, for example, donkeys look like horses until you give them a muzzley nose and big ears, with sheep too its all about their ears.

I filled an entire sketchbook with these animals, trying to get them to look right, but it was fun especially the geese. Looking back on the final piece, I think I needed to add something more for it to really be a good illustration, I'm trying to develop the way I work so it works as a whole better.

Thank you to Dot and Anorak for commissions which make me feel good.