Fake Editorial from Nicholas Stevenson

As part of a university project involving editorial illustration, awesome illustrator and Hereford College of Arts alumni Nicholas Stevenson gave us a fake editorial brief. It was acted out like a real one with us getting an email out the blue from "the New York Times" asking us to illustrate an article. The article was about a tradition in Dakar, Senegal where people buy birds to cast their sins onto and then release them, metaphorically freeing their sins.  I sent the No York Times aka Nicholas a few sketches to start with.

Nicholas thought that the final busier composition would work well and sent me a photograph of Senegalese bus that reminded him of my work.

 Look at them pepsi wheels!

Look at them pepsi wheels!

So I continued working on a busier bustling composition with some added zing. 

While I was working on this, one of the I.T lecturers came up to me and commented on how it takes a lot of skill to make something to look as if a child did it, which I took as a compliment. I was pleased to hear back from Nicholas that he liked both but would pick the second out of the two.